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Author: Lars Gronholt (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: May 31, 2012 5:36 PM
Version: 1
Views: 42,023
Downloads: 1,105
Demo URL: http://www.legalwarfare.com/index.cfm?attributes.fuseaction=viewCurrents
License: GPL (GNU General Public License)


Listpages.cfc now performs the same task the custom tag variant did, but better (though only for MySQL at this stage).

Listpages.cfc's features are:
*search function
*multiple table join support through the whereStatement arg
*paginated search results (customisable records per page and page clustering - eg: next 15 pages)
*separated HTML pages for easier display customisation on a per site OR a per invocation basis
*includes basic CSS file - something sadly lacking from the custom tag

cf_listPages is a custom tag that allows you to create a complete paginated search interface relatively quickly (works with MySQL and MS SQL Server (Apparently the MySQL version works with Oracle as well.. go figure :) )).

v1 --- initial release

v1.03 --- fixed issue with cluster variable when used on Railo servers (thanks to Gert Franz of Railo Technologies for the solution to this one). Also fixed SQL server column ordering issue on low variance columns
v1.02 --- *IMPORTANT* Security fix for SQL injection attack holes
v1.01 --- Initial release

It is possible to format the outputs eg: dates etc, using the following on the displayFields attribute -
When you call the display fields you can (as per this example, now set dollar format, date format, time format, or datetime format - this example shows date time format) - basically, in the list of display fields, if you have a column such as current_display_date that you wish to be formatted differently, add the abreviation to the front of the column name with a pipe (|) to delimit it.

displayFields="current_title, current_author, current_type, current_creator_id, current_rating,df|current_display_date"

formats are:
datetimeformat = dtf
timeformat = tf
dateformat = df
dollarformat = $

(see the linked demo URL to view an older form of this tag in action. NB: the actual review content that appears above the search is not part of the tag, also the demo URL does not have the user re-orderable columns option that this version has.)

This tag supports multiple tables, though remember to use the whereStatement attribute to join them!

Last Update:

adding new CFC version of the custom tag.


CF 7+ or Railo 2+

CF MX 6.0+ or Railo 2+
MySQL, MS SQL Server, or Oracle *untested - use the MySQL version for Oracle

Issue Tracker:

2 SQL Server - Order by low variance columns Fixed 08/07/08 1:41 AM
3 SQL Injection issue - get updated tag Fixed 07/23/08 9:48 PM
1 attributes.whereStatement - fixed missing 'and' Fixed 03/29/07 5:59 PM

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