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ListPages Issue: SQL Server - Order by low variance columns

Name: SQL Server - Order by low variance columns
ID: 2
Project: ListPages
Type: Bug
Area: Database
Severity: Normal
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Lars Gronholt
Created: 07/18/07 1:51 AM
Updated: 08/07/08 1:41 AM
Description: There is an issue with the SQL Server variant, whereby if you reorder by columns with minimal variance (eg: a published column with y or n options) in a large table, the paginated results may repeat items as SQL Server doesnt return the same order on queries like that.
History: Created by Aegis (Lars Gronholt) : 07/18/07 1:51 AM

Updated by Aegis (Lars Gronholt) : 08/07/08 1:41 AM
Fixed by appending an order by attributes.primaryID to the order by clause.

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